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Professional Hifu 7D Focused Ultrasoud Skin Tighten

Apr 09, 2021

Advanced UlItrasound Therapy HIFU

Tighten, Contour+Lift Sagging Skin On SMAS Layer

Professional Hifu 7D Focused Ultrasoud Skin Tighten

●The HIFU principle is to focus high-energy ultrasound to a specific location and convert the acoustic energy into heat. The situation is like using a magnifying glass to focus light to one point, except that

the focused ultrasound penetrates deep into the skin (SMAS layer) without being blocked by the epidermis and dermis.

●With precise control, the ultrasound will only focus at specific locations to produce precise, small hot spots that will not be affected elsewhere.

Quartet facial treatment head powerful effect

4. 5mm (one lift) directly to the SMAS fascia layer, tighten the muscle bottom to achieve firm-


3. 0mm (two-tightening) reaches directly to the dermis, stimulating continuous collagen prolif-


2.0mm (three wrinkle removal) global original treatment head, for eyes and deep lines such

as tiger lines/forehead lines/neck lines/crow's feet;

1.5mm (four tones) for superficial wrinkles, skin tone, skin texture, and fine pores;