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Multifunctional Dental Diode Laser Machine

Feb 02, 2021

Multifunctional Dental Diode Laser Machine

Laser teeth whitening theory: A bleaching solution is applied to the surface of the teeth, and a laser light is directed at the mouth. The solution is activated by a powerful heat from the laser and subsequently brightens the  teeth,As the laser illuminates the tooth , darker colored parts of the tooth absorb the laser rather than reflect it. This absorbed light is converted into heat energy. Areas of the tooth like the pulp chamber and dentin are the darkest so they heat up the most. Teeth typically become at least six to ten shades whiter.

Dental treatment

• Long lasting and unique fiber technology Gentle and Comfortable;
• Safety, no downtime, no bleeding, no pain;
• Long time effect last ,usually could up to 3~5 year;
• High Performance to Cost Ratio;
• No Injections;

• Minimal thermal degeneration;

treatment head

Treatment heads
Property:With the world’s famous medical fiber, professional level optic transmission system, and precision technic system, dentlasertip making sure the long term reliability and consistent using of your laser machine. 
Dental tips(DIRECT INSERT,SCREW TYPE):Silica fiber has excellent high temperature resistant and optical transmission performance, with widely clinical application.
Whitening Handpiece:Whitening handpiece for teeth bleaching consist of whitening handpiece and bare fiber, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.
Biostimulation TIPS:Low-level laser biostimulation can be applied in wound therapy to speed up the wound healing, prevent infection and relieve the pain.
Biostimulation TIPS: Fits for our dental handpiece.