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Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Dec 06, 2016

1. skin preparation, jargon, in plain words to shave, disposable hair removal tool will arm all body hair removed, so that when the hair removal, light hair roots can be "uprooted". Before shaving, please keep the hair clean, to ensure results.

2. gel will cool down, parts of the cooling effect of the gel applied to hair removal, in order to maximize skin protection, to minimize discomfort during the hair removal process. Underarms may be evenly without hair moderate gels, hair removal when I receive waves "intimate contact", to tighten the skin.

3. laser hair removal, repeated exposure at the hair evenly, wave to the hair roots for a thorough "encirclement and suppression". When the intensity of the light when the skin will feel more and more strongly. According to the plastic light using different hair removal area and pain there is a difference between the freezing point of hair removal area is high, do not feel pain; photon hair removal hair removal area and freezing point the same, slightly feel pain and can stand, and laser hair removal area is very small, the pain obvious.

4. clean, gently scrape off the gel and wash, and then cleaning up after, quickly fill water to the skin and apply sunscreen. A week after the hair removal, do not use SOAP, basic toiletries such as bath.