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How To Treatment By Diode Laser 755+808+1064

Apr 09, 2021

How to treatment by diode laser 755+808+1064

As we know 808/755+808+1064 is most popular and effective for hair removal. while why there some customs feedback that it works not as well? while most customers' feedback very good result for the laser hair removal?

The treatment method is very important. Combining our world famouse clinic's treatment data, our technique work out the treatment point as below:

2 important operations before laser hair removal

1 VCA 755+808+1064.jpg

Hair shaving and cooling gel using are two important procedures during hair removal operation, our suggestion way:

(1) The important for hair shaving: Generally, for most hair, before before shaving, the hair shaft is long and curve.

If now, before treatment, without shaving hair in correct way: Without hair shaving, some energy absorbed by long hair shaft:

(1) Decreasing effective energy on hair follicle

(2) Skin burn risk from hair shaft burning

(2) The Correct way to shave hair and use cooling gel:

Keep 2-3mm hair shaft above epidermis

Smear the Cooling gel with thickness of 1-2mm, let 1mm hair shaft above cooling gel.


(3) Now handle can shoot laser on hair

The energy better absorbed by hair follicle from the 1mm hair shaft

above cooling gel, and skin without any risk for burning