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Coolsculpting Slimming Machine For Sale

Jul 29, 2020

As an advanced new technology of weight loss, it has successfully completed the dream of weight loss and body shaping for countless beauty lovers, and has been unanimously praised.

Coolsculpting is suitable for people and body parts

Treatment site: side waist, abdomen, arm, back fat, male female breast disease, thigh inner / outer side;

For the crowd: pinchable fat and obvious fat ring, stubborn fat that cannot be eliminated by exercise and diet.

In fact, except for the lower leg, other parts can be done. Generally speaking, the abdomen has the best effect. As long as the fat layer is thick enough, it can be done in the back waist, mother's buttocks, thighs, arms and back. According to the fat in different parts, there are different sizes and shapes of vacuum suction probe and plate series probe to choose, so the parts that can be done are the most in medical and American lipolysis instruments.


The advantages are as follows:

1.Non invasive treatment is safe without operation, no recovery period and no need to wear body shaping clothes.

2.The process is comfortable, almost painless and does not require anesthesia.

3.The course of treatment is convenient and simple, the shortest is only one hour, which is suitable for the busy modern people's lunch break.

How long can the effect of Coolsculpting last? How many times does it take to work?

Cryotherapy for each site requires 60 minutes for small head and 75 minutes for large head, generally 1-3 times for treatment. Once effective, according to the degree of obesity and obstinacy, generally do three times can have obvious effect, each time interval of three months. After the whole course of treatment, the effect can be maintained permanently as long as the work and rest of life and diet are normal.

Effect comparison chart:

Coolsculpting slimming machine

Taking advantage of the characteristics of fat intolerance and self withering, coolsculling selectively targets at adipocytes through the patent controlled constant low temperature, and starts the spontaneous aging and apoptosis mechanism of adipocytes, which is exactly the same as the natural metabolism mechanism of human cells. It evenly reduces fat cells, and then is naturally metabolized by human lymphocytes and discharged gently from the body.

In the process of treatment, frozen fat dissolving device is placed on the surface of human skin by using negative pressure suction and continuous monitoring of low temperature. The subcutaneous tissue is cooled to the temperature of 4 ℃ for the crystallization of fat cells. It will not damage other nerve tissues in the body and leave a wound in the body. "Frozen fat reduction" hence the name.

Treatment experience:

As a non-invasive treatment, frozen lipolysis does not produce wounds, and therefore does not require hospitalization and long recovery period.

Coolsculpting treatment is much better. The low temperature at 4 C is not unbearable for skin tissue. Patented gelatin tablets also protect the epidermis from low temperature. At the beginning of the treatment, the probe will have a slight pull on the skin and can bear it. It will disappear after about 10 minutes. You can lie or sit and read a book, play with your mobile phone or take a nap. The treatment can be completed in a movie.

coolsculpting machine

The treatment time of frozen lipolysis is about 1 hour. Clinical trials have shown that a single frozen lipolysis treatment can reduce the thickness of fat by 25%. Because the number of adult adipocytes is fixed, the number of adipocytes is reduced by cool plastic freezing. After a treatment, pay attention to diet and exercise can maintain the therapeutic effect for a long time.