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Boosting The Body's Own Repair Damage And Amazing Ability To Heal Disease

Dec 06, 2016

Mankind's most valuable asset is the body's self-healing abilities. In negative territories and high frequency role Xia, wake human internal natural self-healing force, blood in the of c in the globulin activation, and immediately adjustment cell within, and outside of ion concentration, guide and the regulation many life in the fine of biochemical role, neutralization and excluded caused disease of objects, makes acid alkali balance and improve has since body resistance free base hurt of capacity, can self-healing disease and keep health of good state.

Negative high frequency care beauty instrument suitable for:

Subhealthy crowd, the infirm and elderly patients with chronic diseases

Kaikang negative potential effect of high frequency care beauty instrument:

Activation of cell function and metabolism, regulates autonomic and micro-through;

Cleaning fluids, reduce blood viscosity and inhibit blood acidic;

Elimination of free radicals, and restore energy, strengthen the immune system;

Improving cardio-cerebral-vascular blood supply, regulating vascular tone;

Supply energy, anti-aging, beauty beauty, health care.

Elimination of fatigue and muscle soreness.

Less stress, sleep easily sleep, unwind.

Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation.

Adjust the electromagnetic environment of the universe and the human body, maintain a potential balance.

Activation of gamma globulin, inhibit allergens, strengthen the immune system.

Membrane ATP enzyme activity and ATP synthesis flow.

Cell membrane ion-selective penetration (transporting) activity, normalization of the ion balance inside and outside the cell.