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Beauty Equipment Classification

Dec 06, 2016

A. activating cells

Enhance human cell membrane potential, in addition to adjusting the universe and the body's electromagnetic environment, can enrich students have potentials, membrane ATP enzyme activity, promoting cell membrane function of ATP synthesis increased cell membrane ion-selective penetration (dynamic carrying capacity) is active, then normalize the balance of ions inside and outside of cells.

B. promotion of blood circulation

70KHZ high-frequency RF oscillation, peripheral vasodilatation, increase peripheral blood and the oxygen content of the blood vessels, while promoting cell oxygen and flush out carbon dioxide (CO2).

C. normalization of metabolism

Ion-selective penetration of active, purify the blood, adjust the salty blood and weak, and 70KHZ the same frequency oscillation, subcutaneous tissue heating 2 degrees increase metabolic rate 26%, so stick to blood vessel walls for acid Peel and metabolism, reduce cardiovascular disease. Coupled with increased enzyme activity and protein molecules to vibrate, intestinal peristalsis of the bowel, the production of many hormones and enzymes normal, to increase the metabolism.

D. adjust the autonomic nervous

Parasympathetic nerves normal, can relieve the pressure to relax the body, helps sleep and respond to physical and mental pleasure.