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Beauty Equipment According To The Wavelength Range Is Divided Into Ultraviolet, Infrared And Visible Lasers

Dec 06, 2016

1, solid state lasers and laser development, two large and stable laser output power, ease of use, efficiency (frequency) high, less material.

2, and liquid laser including various dye laser, its work material is rhodamine, and carbide cyanine, dye dissolved Yu ethanol or three chlorine methane, solvent in the, formed solution, by high-speed cycle, will dye from a thin mouth spray out, formed good of optical liquid surface, pump beam by must angle placed pump Pu mirror Hou, playing to liquid surface Shang, makes dye by stress produced laser. Dye laser has the advantage of working material, high output power, good optical properties. Drawback is the need to replace dyes, supplies of more complex, maintenance, efficiency (frequency) low.

3 semiconductor materials, semiconductor lasers are used as the working class of laser materials, the advantages of small size, low cost, high efficiency, long life, growing medical industry research on Semiconductor Laser alternative designers try to use other lasers, as a major measure to improve laser medical instrument.

1, CW laser is stable, continuous beam releases its energy. Pulse Laser energy is released in the form of pulses, according to the pulse width.

2, and half continuous laser is to pulse of form to release energy, by different of is each pulse Zhijian of interval time very short, also not regulation, laser energy to close link in with of pulse group of form release out (as copper steam gas laser of pulse to each seconds 6000~15000 a pulse group of way release), actually skin to "recognition" out this is Pulse Laser, its clinical effect and continuous laser of effect similar, so sometimes also will half continuous laser called intends continuous laser or associate continuous laser.

3, Pulse Laser can be divided into long-Pulse Laser (pulse width for the millisecond) and short Pulse Laser (pulse width for nanosecond). Short Pulse Laser includes a variety of Q-switched laser.

Beauty equipment according to the wavelength range is divided into ultraviolet, infrared and visible lasers

Application in the field of skin care is the most visible lasers, used in the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions such as; followed are widely used for cutting, vaporize lesions and infrared laser used for grinding lift UV lasers for skin beauty is rare. General description laser will also describe these features.