Multifunctional Slimming Machine

Multifunctional Slimming Machine Elight+IPL+RF+Nd: Yag Laser + Cavitation (VV50) How does it work? Our Elight+IPL+RF+Nd: Yag Laser + Cavitation machine combines 5 advanced technologies. E-light (IPL): With the impedance difference in skin and pre-heat produced when the skin selectively absorbs...

Product Details

 How does it work?

Our Elight+IPL+RF+Nd: Yag Laser + Cavitation machine combines 5 advanced technologies.


E-light (IPL): With the difference in skin impedance and the pre-heating of the skin's selective absorption of light energy, the diseased tissue of the epidermis and dermis produces a slight pyrolysis effect. This will help achieve the best therapeutic results, make the skin firm, smooth and refreshing!


RF (Radio Frequency) we use a 1-40 Mhz adjustable frequency that generates heat when the tissue's resistance converts the current into deeper heat in the dermis. Initial collagen denaturation within these thermally modified deep tissues results in immediate tissue contraction. Subsequent neocoll hypoplasia further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles.


The ultrasonic cavitation process begins with ultrasound and creates bubbles in the fat cell tissue. The bubbles then rapidly expand and compress, creating an increase in temperature and implosion. With this implosion, fat cells and cellulite are damaged. The vacuum brings gas and vapor between the skin and the treatment head, so a positive pressure is exerted on the liquid molecules through the expansion cycle of the body.



1. Remove excess hair

2. Slimming and body sculpting

3. Remove tattoos: eyebrow lines, eye lines, lip lines, eyelid tattoos, etc.

4. Remove wrinkles

5. Remove spots and other pigment problems

6. Skin regeneration, minimizing pores

7. Treatment of blood vessels and telangiectasia

8. Treatment of acne marks and other scars

9. Remove freckles, vomiting, coffee, surface and deep spots, age pigments, birthmarks, moles, upper skin splashes, traumatic pigmentation, etc.



1.5-in-1 powerful multi-function machine for skin care and weight loss.

2.RF, Tattoo Laser, E-light, and Cavit can work separately from a single mobile phone.

3. The latest IPL wavelength ends at 950nm to avoid skin burns.

4. Bipolar, three-pole Rf for removing wrinkles and shaping.

5.Nd: Yag Laser is professionally used for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation of 3 heads.

6. Multi-language software.

7. Permanent hair removal is suitable for all hair color

8. Continuous work for 24 hours

9. Achieve weight loss, remove wrinkles, remove hair, remove spots!

10. Using the world's leading technology ultrasonic lipolysis technology

11. Imported US super-cooling system to achieve cold anesthesia; adjustable cooling system is controlled by software.

12. Alert device for water level, water temperature, water instability and refrigeration failure.

13. Magnetic drive Japan pump + large tank to control water circulation: low noise and longer life.

14. Expert software guides you through the automatic treatment of all types of skin.

Machine Show




RF energy


RF Output model

Monopolar, Bipolar, Tripolar, Mulipolar



Super intense pulsed light

Range of Spectrum

480-1200nm: remove acne

530 -1200nm: speckle treatment

560 -1200nm: skin rejuvenator

590-1200nm: remove vessel

640 -1200nm: remove unwanted hair

690-1200nm: remove unwanted hair on dark skin(optional)

750-1200nm:remove unwanted hair fast (optional)

RF Maximum Out


Size of Spot

8*40mm2, 16*50 mm2

Interval of Pulse


Sub-pulse Width




Nd:YAG Laser

Laser Type

Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser



Pulse energy


Pulse Repetition Rate


Indicator light

ruby indicator




Max Output

 150w,60 level adjustable

Discharge Interval


Other detailed



Cooling manner

Water+wind+semi-conductor+cooling gel


8.4/10.4 color touch screen

Power Supply

220V ±10% 50Hz;110V ±10% 60Hz