Multifunction Beauty Equipment

Multifunction Beauty Machine Elight + IPL+ RF+ Nd: Yag Laser (VQ83) How does it work? Our Elight + IPL+ RF+ Nd: Yag Laser Mufti-Functional Beauty machine combines 4 advanced technologies. E-light (IPL): With the impedance difference in skin and pre-heat produced when the skin selectively absorbs...

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Multifunction Beauty Machine

Multifunction Beauty Machine

Elight + IPL+ RF+ Nd: Yag Laser


How does it work?

Laser Tattoo Removal uses theory that the specific wave length (1064nm or 532nm) of laser will

be absorbed by specific pigment.The high energy of the laser absorbed by a particular pigment may cause the pigment to expand and explode, some of the fragments of the pigment will be ejected out of the body, and other fragments of the pigment will be cleared by the body's immune system for a period of time.


RF (radio frequency): Radio frequency Skin Rejuvenation System, uses its adjustable frequency. System to rapidly alternate the electric field in the skin from positive to negative in order to set the optimum applicable frequency. RF produces heat when the tissue's electrical resistance converts the electric current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis. Initial collagen denaturation within these thermally modified deep tissues causes the immediate tissue contraction. Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles. It will largely help to achieve the best treatment result and make the skin tightening, smooth, and fresh!


Application of the Elight + IPL+ RF+ Nd: Yag Laser Laser machine

1. Remove unwanted hair for all kinds of skin

2. Slimming& Body Shaping

3. Remove tattoo, eyebrow tattoo, eye line, lip line, eyelid tattoo etc.

4. Remove speckles and other pigment problems

5. Skin rejuvenation, pore minimizing

6. Treat blood vessel and telangiectasis

7. Treat acne mark and other scars

8. Remove Wrinkles: thin line, forehead wrinkle, cheek line, wrinkle around lip, neck line, double

chin, skin-smoothing, eyelid-sagging, crows- feet, wrinkles under eye and pouch.

9. Remove Freckles, foxiness, coffee, superficial and deeper speckles, age pigment, birthmark,

nevus, upper skin splash, Traumatic pigmentation, etc.


Advantages of VCA TECH Beauty Machine

1.TUV 13485 and CE Medical approved, 93/42/EEC standards production processes.

2.80% main components imported from world famous companies.

3.Japanese imported cooling system: 3pcs-12000 MFD capacitors, Magnetic drive Japanese pump with 16nm lift rate, big water tank control with 6L/min flow rate for cooling, offer machine water circulation, lower noise, longer lifetime.

4.Mechanical Malfunction: Our equipment follows principle of modular design for easy maintenance. The professional after-sale service team shall reach you immediately and solve the machine’s problem within 1-3 working days.

5.LCD Screen separated from CPU board. Which is easier for distributors to add LOGO or upgrade software in future, No need to deliver screen back, an USB will stores all info you want.

6.ODM & OEM service, including mold design, interface design, printing LOGO, parameter re-setting etc.

7.Humanized detail focus, such as: Water level measurement ,8.4/10.4 inch big LCD touch screen, wheels for the stationary machine, even the screw got a cover on it

8.We offer international after-sales services and technical support to resolve problems at any time.


Machine Show




RF frequency

1-40Mhz  adjustable

RF energy


RF Output model

 Bipolar & Tripolar   



Super intense pulsed light

Range of Spectrum

480-950nm: remove acne

530 -950nm: speckle treatment

560 -950nm: skin rejuvenator

590-950nm: remove vessel

640 -950nm: remove unwanted hair

690-950nm: remove unwanted hair on dark skin (optional)

750-950nm: remove unwanted hair fast (optional)

RF Maximum Out


Size of Spot

8*40mm2, 16*50 mm2

Interval of Pulse


ND-YAG Laser


Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser 



Pulse energy 


Other detailed

Cooling system

Water+wind+semi conductor+Cooling gel


10.4 inch color touch screen

Temperature of proble


Power Supply

220v±10% 50Hz; 110v±10% 60Hz


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