OPT IPL SHR Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine

OPT IPL SHR Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine (VSHR86) How does SHR work? The SHR uses big power supply than E-light ( SHR use 2400w, E-light use 1200w) The SHR Frequency could get 10 HZ. It means, one second 10 light shoots. The E-LIGHT shoot one light in one second. SHR technology further...

Product Details

OPT IPL SHR Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine (VSHR86) 

Product Description

SHR is a new technology for permanent hair removal and has achieved great success. The working principle is to gradually heat the dermis to the target temperature; at the target temperature, it will destroy the hair follicles and effectively prevent regeneration while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. A single pulse of high repetition rate is delivered deep into the dermis to achieve high average power and therapeutically effective heat buildup. There is no risk of injury throughout the process and there is almost no pain.

Product Application

OPT IPL SHR Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine permanently removes hair of all colors from all parts of the body while shrinking pores. It can remove red blood vessels, treat bottle nose, erythema, change bottle nose and so on. It can also remove epidermal pigmentation problems such as spots and birthmarks, remove wrinkles and whiten skin. In addition, it also has a good effect on the treatment of acne and scars. 

Product Characteristics

OPT IPL SHR Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Machine comes with three Japanese high-capacity capacitors, advanced water pump and air cooling system. The machine uses American CPC water pipes, which have the advantages of water lock design and leak proof. German button, silver circuit pin. It is equipped with powerful xenon lamps imported from Germany. It is modular in design, easy to maintain, and intuitive to operate. It has a high transmission frequency and a fast treatment frequency of up to 10 Hz / sec.


The application of the specific head model can be consulted.

LCD screen

5.7/8.4inch color touch LCD display

Output power


Pulse delay


RF frequency


RF energy


IPL energy


Number of pulse


Pulse/Discharge interval


Light released

1shot 1s 3 shots 1s, 30 shots 1s, 
1-10shot 1s 
1 shots 1s, 3 shots 1 s, 5shot 1s,10shot 1s (optional)

Spot size

Filter handpiece:30*12mm2, 40*13mm2, 50*16mm2 
High power handpiece: 8*40mm2, 14*40mm2, 16*50mm2(optional)

Program Language

English plus your local language

Cooling system

Semiconductor+air+water+cooling gel

Skin cooling





Aluminum Aviation Package Case