IPL OPT Elight SHR ELOS Elight Hair Removal Laser Beauty Machine

IPL OPT Elight SHR Elos Elight Hair Removal Laser Beauty Machine (VE25) How does it work? VCA Laser Tech developed IPL Elight Beauty Massager Machine which combines three advanced technologies: Bipolar Radio Frequency + IPL + Skin Contact Cooling. With the impedance difference in skin and...

Product Details


IPL OPT Elight SHR Elos Elight Hair Removal Laser Beauty Machine   (VE25)


1. Permanent hair removal

2. Remove all kinds of freckles, spots

3. Firming skin, whitening and rejuvenating

4. Improves skin texture, shrinks pores and promotes skin regeneration

5. Pore minimizing and face lifting

6. Treating acne and scars; treating red blood vessels such as spider veins

7. Remove all color tattoos, eyebrow lines, etc.


1. Replaceable filter handle or high power handle.

2. One machine for multiple purposes: RF and IPL can work alone.

3. Suitable for permanent hair removal of various hair colors;good effect on skin regeneration and 4igment removal.

5. Adopts imported medical sapphire from the United States, with uniform energy output and various spot sizes to choose from.

6. Adopt USA import medical sapphire, energy output uniformity and various spot sizes free to choose.

8. Plug-and-Play fast connector,more easy, safe and reliable.


1. Investigate the medical history, examine the patient, analyze the type of skin, and check the condition of the hair.

2. Turn on the power and warm up the machine.

3. Preparation of the treatment area: The hair should be shaved before treatment, because the visible hair will damage the epidermis due to the high heat caused by the laser burning, and it can also cause irreversible damage of the laser guide and cause an unpleasant smell. In addition, the parts should be cleaned to remove grease and dirt.

4. Set treatment parameters and perform trial treatment.

5. Get the best parameters and complete the entire treatment.

6. Check the post-treatment response.

Notes for Use

1. During the treatment, both doctors and patients should wear laser protective glasses to prevent eye damage caused by laser.

2. Light spot overlap can not be much, repeated irradiation will aggravate skin damage. Excessive spacing will affect the therapeutic effect.

3. When semiconductor laser depilates hair, such as using cooling hand tools or depilating under intense pulsed light, certain pressure should be applied to the hand tools in the treatment, which can keep good contact with the skin, also drive away local blood and reduce the absorption of laser energy by oxyhemoglobin.



Super Intense Pulsed Light

Range of Spectrum

480-1200nm: remove acne

530-1200nm: speckle treatment

560-1200nm: skin rejuvenation

590-1200nm: remove vascular

640-1200nm: remove unwanted hair---have perfect effect on dark color hair

690-1200nm: remove unwanted hair---have perfect effect on light color hair

750-1200nm: fast remove unwanted hair 

810-1200nm: fast remove unwanted hair

RF Frequency


RF Power


Density of Energy

Portable: 1-50J/cm2, Vertical: 1-60J/cm2

Output Power

Portable: 1500W, Vertical: 2000W

Spot Size

Changeable Filter Handpiece : 30*12mm2, 40*13mm2, 50*15mm2

High Power Handpiece: 40*8mm2, 40*14mm2, 50*14mm2

Pulse Amount

1~6, adjustable

Interval of Pulse

1~99ms, adjustable

Sub-Pulse Width

0.1~9.9ms, adjustable


1-4s, adjustable

Cooling System

Water cooling, air cooling, semi-conductor

Cooling Temperature



8.4/10.4 inch LCD color touch screen

Continuous Working Time

24 hours

Power Supply

110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, etc