Cryolipolysis Cryotherapy Cryo Cody Slimming Machine /Fat Freezing Machine

Liposuction Cool Cryo Machine is a new, non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body. Cryo was developed by applying low temperatures. In addition to cold, the treatment makes use of a powerful vacuum to keep constant pressure and temperature on the area being treated. Fat cells are more easily damaged by Liposuction Cool Cryo Machine...

Product Details

Cryolipolysis Cryolipolysi CE  FDA Approved 4 Handles Cryolipolysis

Newest FDA approval fat freezing cryolipolysis slimming machine


1. Slimming and fat dissolving

2. Tighten skin, anti- aging

3. Improve blood circulation and metabolism

4. Smooth scar and wrinkles

5. Smooth striaegravidarum

6. Add skin moisture

7. Enhance fibroblast elastic tissue


1. Surrounding cooling action in entire applicator.

2. The treating area is 100% frozen in full area .

3. Only 35 to 45 mins time each treatment.

4. Cooling by two pads inside Applicator.

5. The treating area is 40% frozen in full area .

6. 60 mins time each treatment.



Cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting)

1.Big : L200xW85x D60mm

2.Small:L160x W85x D48mm





8.4~15 inch color touch screen, optional

Vacuum Pressure


Vacuum Modes

Pulse, CW

Working Modes

Synchronous working

Freezing Temperature

-10℃~15℃, -15℃~5℃

Handle Quantity

1-4 pcs, available


Big: L200xW85x D60mm, Small: L160x W85x D48mm

Handle Screen

3.5 inch color touch screen

Cooling System

Air + water + semi conductor cooling


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German,Russian, etc


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