Ultrasound Cavitation Body Sculpting Fat Removal Machine

Ultrasound Cavitation Body Sculpting Fat Removal Machine (VS806) This 4 in 1 slimming machine, as the newest slimming technology, it combines cavitation, Vacuum, RF energy and Laser Technology, both stimulates weight loss and rejuvenates skin at the same time. Launched in 2009 as an upgraded...

Product Details

Ultrasound Cavitation Body Sculpting Fat Removal Machine (VS806)

This 4 in 1 slimming machine, as the newest slimming technology, it combines cavitation, Vacuum, RF energy and Laser Technology, both stimulates weight loss and rejuvenates skin at the same time. Launched in 2009 as an upgraded version of cavitation RF machine, it has since become a staple for medical and beauty care professionals.


Working Principle of the 4 in 1 Slimming Machine

Cavitation is a noninvasive body shaping technology that removes cellulite and inveterate fat deposits. The slimming equipment uses a unique 40khz frequency cavitation to break up fat cells and metabolize broken lipocytes. Radio frequency is an established technology for skin rejuvenation, and with a 600w power supply, our RF system brings excellent results.


Vacuum technology within 4 in 1 beauty equipment accumulates body fat in one place so cavitation can be down with better results. In addition, a tri-polar RF probe and Diode Laser provide a bactericidal and restorative treatment.


Application of the 4 in 1 slimming Machine

Softens hard fat tissue and breaks up lipocytes

Skin rejuvenation

Wrinkle reduction

Neck and face area

Acne scars reduction

1. Fat dissolving & slimming & Body shaping

2. Promote tissue metabolism, whiten skin

3. Improve orange peel organization, Repair pregnant lines

4. Active collagen, Face lifting, strengthen the skin elasticity

5. Remove epidermis and deeper wrinkles

6. Anti-aging for face and body

7. Alleviate eye pouch

8. Pore missing

9. Promote blood circulation, Reduce fatigue

Advantages of the 4 in 1 slimming Machine

1) TUV 13485 and CE approved.

2) 80% main components imported from world famous company.

3) The power module design is suitable for importing & exporting business, It is convenient for maintenance.

4) Humanized detail focus, such as: Water level measurement ,8.4/10.4 inch big LCD touch screen, wheels for the stationary machine, even the screw got a cover on it

5) LCD Screen separated from CPU board. Which is easier for distributors to add LOGO or upgrade software in future, No need to deliver screen back, an USB will stores all info you want.

6) ODM & OEM service, including mold design, interface design, printing LOGO, parameter re-setting etc.

7) Vacuum technology accumulates body fat in one place so the cavitation process has better results.

8) We offer international after-sales services and technical support to resolve problems at any time.

9) Free spare parts: Foot-switch, power line, packing box.


Features of the 4 in 1 slimming Machine

1. No pain, no cut, no scar, no any side-effect.

2. No consume, inner system achieve to international CE

3. Combine 4 technologies in one machine, low frequency ultrasound Cavitation, RF, Vacuum, and 635nm Diode Laser, achieve slimming and tighten skin perfectly, great effect after once treatment.

4. 7 type headpieces and various frequency free to choose, suitable for all kinds of skin and people.

5. 2 to 150px fat reduction with single treatment from most clients’ feedback

6. Cavitation technology reduces fat painlessly, without scarring and side-effect, and with noticeable long-lasting results.

7. Four times upgrade on cavitation power board promises stable quality

8. Four kinds of cavitation frequency (40Khz, 28+40Khz, 50Khz,1MHz) can be offered

9. Vacuum Technology accumulates body fat in one place, helps energy reach the fat layer deeper and accelerates treatment in better results.

10. Professional vacuum pump, best result trace less, no rebound, long-lasting result!

11. Laser added in the tri-polar RF are imported from Japan

12. USB updating Technology, operating the machine and computer at the same time, easy to save and print data.

13. 8.4 inch large color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation

14. Digital frequency control system, energy output evenly and precisely

15. Recording operation data and applied energy range automatically to obtain correct and complete clinical data.


7 Headpieces optional for this machine, you can choose it freely!

1. Cavitation (vacuum & no vacuum)

2. Monopolar RF for face & body

3. Biopolar RF for face & body (Choose water cooling)

4. Tripolar RF for face & body (Plus Diode Laser & No Diode Laser)

New Handpiece:  PEMF (3 function in 1 handpiece)

Parameters of the 4 in 1 slimming Machine


5.7/8.4/10.4/15 inch color touch screen

Cavitation Max output

100 W

Cavitation Frequency

"40KHz "/ "50KHz"/ "70KHz"/"28KHz+40KHz Adjustable"/"1Mhz"

Vacuum Pressure


RF Frequency

1-40MHz Adjustable

RF Energy

2-600J, adjustable

Diode Laser Wavelength

635 nm/650nm

RF Output Mode

Monopolar, Bipolar, Tripolar, Multipolar

Cooling System

Air cooling + Water cooling system

Work Time

Continuously/ time setting



Power Supply

110/220V±10% 60Hz/50Hz

VCA Laser Service

Warranty: We offer 3 years warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.

Training:  User manual, treatment manual, technology manual, training video CD,etc.

Certification: TUV ISO13485, CE, Free Sales, Medic device production licence,etc.

Quality: 80% imported promised best quality.

OEM/ODM: There is mold factory, painting factory for ourselves, fastest and lowest cost price for offer OEM/ODM service. Multilingual arbitrary languages on software.

Main Products: 808nm diode laser, Fractional CO2 Laser, Nd: YAG Laser, Dental Laser,  IPL, ELIGHT, SHR, Cavitation, Vacuum, RF, Oxygen jet peel, LED, Vascular removal,  Multifunction machine, etc.

Mechanical Malfunction:  Our equipment follows principle of modular design for easy maintenance. The professional after-sale service team shall reach you immediately and solve the machine’s problem within 1-3 working days.

Damage in shipment: We pay insurance in shipment for every package, once any damage during transportation, VCA shall assist you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.

As one of the largest and professional ultrasound cavitation body sculpting fat removal machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, VCA Laser is also a credible distributor and wholesaler of various CE approved beauty equipment. Welcome to buy the quality, durable and effective equipment with our factory.