Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machine for Sale

Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machine For Sale (VU9) How does Ultrasonic Cavitation work? Ultrasonic Cavitation process starts with ultrasound waves, which create a bubble in the tissue of the fat cells. The bubble then expands rapidly and compresses, creating a temperature increase...

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Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Slimming  Machine For Sale (VU9)

How does Ultrasonic Cavitation work?

Ultrasonic Cavitation process starts with ultrasound waves, which create a bubble in the tissue of the fat cells. The bubble then expands rapidly and compresses, creating a temperature increase and an implosion. With this implosion, the fat cells and cellulite are damaged.

Vacuum will bring the gas and vapour on the between skin and treatment head, so it will give a positive pressure on liquid molecule through the expansion cycle on body.  


Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine – Application

1. Promote tissue metabolism;

2. Break up lipocyte, repel cellulite;

3. Strengthen and tighten skin;

4. Improve skin elasticity and luster;

5. Fat dissolving;

6. Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal;

7. Body shaping, body contouring.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine – Feature

1. Four times upgrades on Cavitation power board, little noise during treatment, more stable performance.

2. Four kinds of Cavitation frequency optional: 40KHz, 28KHz+40KHz, 50KHz, 1MHz, satisfy more demands from different persons.

3. Vacuum helps energy better reach deeper fat layer, accelerate deeper treatment results.

4. Instant result: 2 to 6 cm circumference reduction just after once treatment.

5. 20-30 minutes for one treatment, but promise you an apparent long lasting result!

6. Non invasive treatment, no downtime, no anesthesia, no pain, no side-effect, no rebound! Zero impact on your daily life or job!

7. Equipped with digital frequency control system, make sure energy output is even and precise.

8. 8.4 inch LCD color touch screen, friendly human interface, more smart and easy to operate!




Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine


8.4 inch LCD color touch screen

Cavitation Frequency

40KHz, 28KHz+40KHz, 50KHz, 1MHz

Maximum Output Power


Cavitation Power

1~60J, adjustable

Pulse Duration

1000~5000ms, adjustable

Vacuum Working Modes

Monopulse, Multipulse

Continuous Working Time

24 hours


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, etc

Power Supply

110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz


Cavitation & Vacuum assist

VCA Laser Service

Warranty: We offer 3 years warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.

Training:  User manual, treatment manual, technology manual, training video CD,etc.

Certification: TUV ISO13485, CE, Free Sales, Medic device production licence,etc.

Quality: 80% imported promised best quality.

OEM/ODM: There is mold factory, painting factory for ourselves, fastest and lowest cost price for offer OEM/ODM service. Multilingual arbitrary languages on software.

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Mechanical Malfunction:  Our equipment follows principle of modular design for easy maintenance. The professional after-sale service team shall reach you immediately and solve the machine’s problem within 1-3 working days.

Damage in shipment: We pay insurance in shipment for every package, once any damage during transportation, VCA shall assist you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.

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