Thermagic Skin Rejuvenation Machine Rf Skin Machine

Thermal RF uses unique radiofrequency (RF) technology to safely heat the deep layers of your skin, at the same time, cooling the surface of your skin to keep it intact during the procedure.

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Thermagic Skin Rejuvenation Machine Rf Skin Machine

Thermage Fractional RF

Machine Showof Skin Care fractional RF

Fractional Rf Skin


The Thermagic anti-aging machine is also known as the radio-pulling technology. Deeply loved by thestars. This technology can achieve significant lifting, firming and reducing skin wrinkles throughhigh-frequency electric wave transmission, and can achieve the effect of delaying skin aging andreturning to youth for several years. The device is the first in the world to adopt high-frequency waves.Technology, reliable and harmless. This non-invasive tissue tightening and shaping advanced beautytechnology, without the need for surgery, injection, avoiding the "painful pain" effect, and easy to go,the process is easy and pleasant, no special care after surgery, does not affect work and life.

Function of Skin Care fractional RF


Operationof Skin Care fractional RF


1. Skin tightening
2. Deep and light Wrinkles Eliminating
3. Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine
4. Pregnancy line restoring
5. Skin- metabolism improving
6. Focusing Radio-frequency, immediate effect
7. Anti-aging for whole body
8. divide bacterium and diminish inflammation
9. Improve pore-expanding
10. Shape beautiful figure Specifications: Operating
11. Pregnancy line restoring


Skin Care fractional RF Handles


Skin Care fractional RF Mahine Accessories

Best fractional rf microneedle face lifting thermal rf equipment


Display8.4inch color touch screen
RF handles6pcs handles
Thermal RF
TypeMono-polar RF
Type of tip

NS-Circle(Sht mode)

NC-Circle(Continuous mode)

NCE-Circle(Continuous mode)

Treatment Area
6.25cm2 3.24cm2 0.36cm2
Fractional RF
TypeMono-polar RF
Type of tip64pin/100pin/196pin

Semiconductor +watercooling +wind

Operating voltage

110V/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 12A

Thermagic face and body tip for skin rejuvenation machine rf skin tightening machine Thermagic rf machine



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